A registered Canadian and U.S. patent agent, working in Vancouver, I provide client-friendly patent agency and business and IP consulting services to tech and biotech clients under the Tees Consulting Corp. banner, a company which I incorporated in 2008 to allow me to help more than one company at a time, and do more of the things I do best.

Before I began TEES, I worked as an employee for several Vancouver biotech companies, including OncoGenex Technologies (a wonderful company I am still proud to call “home”) and one patent law firm (see below). 

Since TEES began, I have added “green tech” and mobile technologies to my experience and current caseload. 

Specialties: Early to mid stage patent portfolio management and strategy, license administration, patent searches and risk assessment, patent application preparation and filing, trademark and domain name strategy and planning.

Strategic IP

Patents, copyright, trade secrets, trade-marks, infringement, validity, freedom to operate, patentability, and valuation. You could spend 20 years learning it all yourself, but it’s cheaper to have me spend an hour or two on your situation and tell you how to get the most effective intellectual property protection for your money.

Patent Services

A written, illustrated disclosure of a new invention, ending with artfully crafted sentences called “claims”, which sparingly describe the scope of the inventors’/applicants’ right to exclude others! The exclusivity lasts only 20 years, and after that, the invention is a gift to the public.

Trade-mark Services

A trade-mark application is shorter than a patent application, but very exacting. Certain mistakes are fatal to the registration, and a trade-mark can be your most valuable IP.

  • "Her reputation of high integrity and quality of work is well-deserved."
    A&K Robotics
  • “It is a pleasure to work with Susan. I don't know how she can make Patents into such fun experiences - but there is always laughter when Susan is around.” August 24, 2010
    Marianne Schovsbo Smyth, from time at OncoGenex Technologies Inc
  • She is fantastic to partner with, efficient, detailed, and an expert in her field.
    Andrew North, Inventor of "Skaterbuns"
  • “Susan …learned very quickly of diverse and often complex scientific concepts. She is such a good communicator with the R & D team and we would be able to navigate through the IP jungle with her guidance.”
    Zaihui Zhang, from time at Kinetek Pharmaceuticals Inc
  • “Susan has been efficient and attentive to details in both IP research and preparation of our patent applications, two critical steps when moving through a crowded IP space.”
    Igor D'Angelo, Zymeworks Inc.
  • “She has also shown a great ability to grasp complex scientific principals (computational, biophysical and biological) and.... to translate the science into valid IP positions.”
    Neil Klompas, Zymeworks Inc.
  • “Susan has helped me with various complex patent related issues over the years including searching and analysis.”
    Surjit Dixit, Zymeworks Inc.
  • “She was great at focusing us on matters requiring decisions, and allowing us to leave the details and everyday tasks in her capable hands."
    Gordon McCauley, President & CEO of Allon Therapeutics

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