FACS cell sorter inventor Leonard Herzenberg dies

Leonard Arthur was an immunologist, geneticist and professor at Stanford University. He graduated form Brooklyn College in 1952, then did his undergad a California Institute of Technology, and finished his education at Pasteur Institute in 1957. His discoveries and innovations led to the FACS cell sorter, which improved the lives of lab technicians everywhere, and of course furthered the course of cell biology and related sciences!

Patenting snow….Canadian company makes Sno-FX so fluffy. Comes in black, too.

North Vancouver inventors John and Elizabeth Quee of the Thomas FX group have wisely applied for and obtained patents for their 1-million dollar project. Oh, how I wish I had been their patent counsel! I would have LOVED this project.

Their “snow” is both convincing and biodegradable. It’s shipped as far away as New Zealand and is said to be the best. It can be colored as desired should you be wanting a blue Christmas.

Their US patent: US 8,470,192

Their Canadian patent: CA 2522942


Other applications are pending.

How many people are you made up of? Mosaicism in genetics.


Reading a NY Times Science article on the prevalence of genetic mosaicism is as awe-inspiring as hearing that Voyager 1 is in interstellar space! One woman had eggs that represented two different “people” within her, and mothers of sons show Y chromosome integration. Anyway, this article is well worth a read if you have a few moments and want to be excited by science all over again. ¬†Genetics is of particular interest to me, since those close to me are affected by its vagaries.

New Nature Article Discusses that most intriguing of puzzles – Quantum Physics

Quantum physics never really interested me until I got older, and had the basic things like how to make a living and having kids out of the way. Now I can indulge in ruining my peace of mind with things that make no sense to an organic entity like myself. But reality is so cool!

Entanglement is my favorite facet of the theories. It indicates to me that space and distance are not IMPORTANT. How cool is that? Intergalactic travel may not be as impossible as one imagines (especially if you are a tiny particle!).