Tees Consulting Corp ceases; Tees IP rises from the ashes

Tees Consulting will no longer be offering direct filing or maintenance of patents already filed after March 31, 2014.

I will only be doing IP business consulting through Tees IP, which is an unincorporated (still insured) agency which occasionally makes submissions on behalf of clients, but is mostly about managing. If you are such a client, you know who you are, and you can ignore this email.

What gives? Merely this: The docketing of deadlines was stressful and was unprofitable. Unless one has a really large volume of cases, it is a loss leader. The larger firms can hire staff and employ expensive software (costs mitigated by sharing it over many, many files) to provide timely reminders. I see the value of the infrastructure they have now. Some are better than others. One such is Benoit & Cote. : )