The TMs, they are a changing’….

I sat in on the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) webinar yesterday to hear about what would be different when our trade-mark laws and regulations were updated in compliance with all of our Treaties.

The most heart-warming change is that we can now write “trademarks” as one word, and still call ourselves Canadian.   I feel emotional just thinking about this.  I AM NOT KIDDING! 😀

Less simple, we will (when the changes are brought into law), have an easier time obtaining a filing date for our trademarks. Additionally, for a proposed use mark, there appears to no longer be a requirement for filing evidence of use when the mark is approved! 🙄

One of the attendees asked a good question:  will CIPO add more staff to the Oppositions section to accommodate the eventual increase in oppositions (in light of the fact that some of the requirements for establishing a registered trademark are being waived).

They didn’t have an answer ready, but I’m pretty sure I heard a pencil scratching out a note at the CIPO end of the phone line. 😳